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The Journey of building our forever home

The Journey of building our forever home

Tile & Bathroom choices

We had a productive weekend out and about choosing a few items for the house. All bathroom fixtures and tiles have now been chosen.  It was a hard choice as I had in mind a totally different look to what I ended up with but I think these will remain classic and timeless and the tones will go well with everything else. I have such a hard time trying to visualise everything  - being a photographer I have a good eye but need to see it all together to ensure it will work

Tiles for floor and wall - we went for classic tones - both in porcelain.

Beige for floor ( which looks a slightly weird colour in this image as its not this dark or orange looking) and lighter marble look one for walls

I originally had planned to have the bathrooms tie in with the marble we are using on the kitchen splashback similar to below with a soft charcoal floor and marble benchtop/splashback. Hubby wasn't keen on the idea or the cost so had to compromise. I still love this idea so bit of a buggar

Bathroom style will be a little more like this but the floor will be a lighter beige. It should still work with the white bathroom fixtures and all the chrome tapware etc

We have also had a lot of problems with the bath I had originally chosen as there was a massive steal beam running across the middle where the waste would sit. Even having a plumber as a husband couldn't make it work so we then had to choose a new freestanding bath with a waste to one side. Not alot of choice as most of them have the waste in the middle but ended up choosing the Kado bath from Recce

Original bath chosen - I loved this one as I am such a symmetrical girl!

New bath option - hoping this will still work ( the joys of having limited choice!)

We also found our tiles for the fireplace.  We chose a beautiful French Pattern Travertine in a light colour - this will run up to the 10 foot ceilings and house the heater in our lounge room -   it will also have white custom built cabinetry on the other side to house the TV etc

We also selected all of our appliances for the kitchen - will up date with some images shortly. For once I was a good girl and came under budget! Previously when we first starting looking the oven I loved actually was our entire budget - how times have changed!

Currently the house is almost ready to roof which should start by next week - will update with some construction images soon - its finally starting to look more and more like a house