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The Journey of building our forever home

The Journey of building our forever home

Five ways to embrace the Hamptons look in Australia

There's no doubt the Hamptons look is a popular choice in Australia. It tends to be a timeless design and suits our way of living. Here are five key features you should consider when designing your Hamptons style home.

1. Outdoor Living

Australia is well known for it sunny weather so our outdoor spaces are a key design element when building or renovating our homes.  Add in a gorgeous al fresco area or deck with room for an outdoor table and the all important BBQ. To add that Hamptons vibe, use a fresh colour palette and opt for a classic weatherboard look with Linea from Scyon Walls. You can even line your ceiling with v groove boards for added texture. Layer your furniture and add cushions for a welcoming look that extends your living space.

If your budget and space allows for it, a pool and pool house go a long way to help create a classic Hamptons look.

Scyon Walls
A luxe pool area is key to the Hamptons look.

A seamless indoor/outdoor transition helps bring your Hamptons home to life.

The all important BBQ area with a Hamptons vibe - image via Pinterest.

2. Exterior

One of the biggest key features in a Hamptons style home is its exterior. In Australia, its all about adapting the grandeur of the Hamptons look to suit our lifestyle. Whether you have a single or double home, design elements such as large timber windows, a grand entry door or beautiful exterior lighting add a luxe appeal to your facade. Get classic Hamptons look with Scyon Walls Linea weatherboards for clean lines. You can also add your own twist to the look by mixing other materials like render, just like we have with our own home.

Scyon Linea weatherboards give this home a classic look

Get the Hamptons look with a mix of materials - image via Pinterest

Our hampton style forever home
Our own home mixes render with weatherboard features and a gorgeous black door - image Louise Treacy Photography

Love the weatherboard look? Visit scyon.com.au for more Hamptons inspiration.

3. Colour scheme

The colour scheme of your Hamptons style home is an extremely important element. You can use a neutral palette with soft beige's or greys and whites to accentuate your windows and trims or you could go with a darker palette for a more modern look. I also love a stunning entry door painted in black with white trims.

This glossy black door adds a modern element to this classic weatherboard Hamptons home.

4. Landscaping

For anyone that has built or renovated the landscaping can make or break your new home's design. Choices of plants should complement your new homes exterior and outdoor spaces. For the Hamptons Iook, I love stone retaining walls, travertine paving and a garden with lots of greenery such as box hedges, feature trees and white flowers. Keep the design simple and repetitive so your homes exterior is the star while also choosing plants that will survive in your climate.

A garden full of gorgeous green and white - image via Pinterest.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest.

5. Interior Elements

Hamptons style in Australia can range from traditional, modern, beachy to contemporary. Ensure to include design choices such as high ceilings, large timber windows, shaker style cabinetry, white walls, oak flooring and texture such as marble. Keep your choices timeless in style and you can't go wrong.

Our own take on on a Hamptons kitchen - image via Louise Treacy Photography

A stunning mix of high ceilings, loads of light and oak flooring in this kitchen/dining space - image via Pinterest.

A Hamptons look bedroom - image via Pinterest.

For more Hamptons inspiration, head to scyon.com.au

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