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The Journey of building our forever home

The Journey of building our forever home

5 Hamptons style trends to be on top of in 2018

With our relaxed way of living it's no wonder that the Hamptons style is becoming one of the most requested and sought after designs in building and renovating

Let's take a look at the top 5 trends for 2018

1. Mixing traditional weatherboard cladding with other materials

We're seeing exteriors that comprise a mix of materials and textures to give the classic Hamptons style a warmer and more tactile look. Mixing strong architectural elements such as stone, render, steel and weatherboard cladding gives these designs a new edge.  Exterior designs are being altered to suit both coastal, metro and bush settings while still being classic in style.

Scyon Linea and limestone are mixed giving this house a beachy but modern look. 
 Image via Kyle &  Kara

This home by Oswald Homes features a mix of render, stone, cladding and tiled roof

Our own home features render and weatherboard cladding

2. Choosing durable products to suit our Australian climate

Australia's climate requires you to think carefully about materials when building and designing your new Hamptons style home. For example, Sycon Linea weatherboard provides the look of classic timber weatherboard, but unlike timber, Scyon Linea is resistant to damage from termites and bushfires, and won't swell or crack.

Sycon Linea is a low maintenance exterior option while giving the traditional look of a weatherboard home.

Love the weatherboard look?  Learn more about Sycon Linea HERE

Scyon Linea used in this gorgeous alfresco area.

Scyon Linea in a deeper hue gives it a more modern look

3. Hamptons Refresh

The Hamptons style is trending a sophisticated new edge this year with colour palettes shifting to moody blues and blacks paired with white walls. Textures such as marble, steel and handmade tiles feature giving this style a fresh and modern approach.

Featured in House & Garden Magazine  

4. Contemporary twist

Australian design is modernising the Hamptons style trend to suit a more and relaxed and modern lifestyle. Builders are adding a contemporary twist on the traditional Hamptons style. While still classic in design we are seeing a more modern take on this traditional style with cleaner lines with homes being built to suit smaller block sizes.

Images via Pinterest

5.  Outdoor living spaces

Aussies love an outdoor summer - think eating outside on balmy summer days and if you're lucky enough, swimming on a hot day. Adding a fabulous alfresco area landscaped with lush greenery and the all important BBQ within your Hamptons design is certainly a trend that is here to stay.

Sycon Linea frames the outdoor BBQ area of this Hamptons home

Images via Pinterest

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