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The Journey of building our forever home

The Journey of building our forever home

Week 1 - Dream House

It feels very surreal but our house has finally started!

We have gone from a freshly mowed block of land
To temporary fencing, power and water on and the start of the site cut

Site cut almost finished - this photo doesn't do it justice as to how big it is - our house sits on around 33 metres lengthwise with driveways on either side
The last few days they have started on the sub floor for the house - the house will be built on brick piers - nice and solid and very well built.  Now that we have hit the Christmas holidays things won't start moving again until mid January -  hopefully over the next few months lots of progress will be made.  By our contract our house should be completed October/November next year - so exciting watching our dream home go up!

About to start

Finally! Contracts have been signed and things start tomorrow - water will be connected, site will be cut and temporary fencing up.  We then just need to wait for the building permit to come through and we are good to go.  Builders are hoping to at least make a start on all the footings prior to Christmas

Late last week the surveyor pegged out the block - hubby and I were so excited just to see some timber posts in the ground  - imagine what we will be like when the house goes up! Now that it is all pegged out it gives us a good idea how it will sit on the block - we will still have a massive backyard that's for sure. Our block has a 38.5 metre frontage and 50 metre depth so the house looks huge as it sits across it