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The Journey of building our forever home

The Journey of building our forever home

Photography Studio | Louise Treacy Photography

When designing our new home we decided to include a beautiful professional photography studio space for my business. After working from home for 7+ years and using our formal lounge area ( which meant the whole house had to be spotless!) it is just amazing to now have a professional separate space to work in.

The studio is to the left of our house and features its own entrance, driveway for parking, client lounge, large shooting space and full bathroom facilities.  The light is perfect all year round and I have been loving the results.  I walk though the butlers pantry into my office and then into the studio - I just love the complete separation of work and home

I offer sessions Monday-Saturday and specialise in newborn and baby photography. I also photograph  children and families too

You can view my website here www.louisetreacyphotography.com.au

The 3 month Mark

We have now been in the house for just over 3 months now and the time has flown. Kids are almost all back at school and the summer holidays are almost over ( I survived the 8 weeks!)

My poor blog as been rather neglected as life just seems to get in the way - plus now that we have finished building the updates to the house are happening at a much slower pace.

I read a quote in County Style magazine this month that read 'The memories, the conversations, the layers, can only be created authentically over time in a home'  I loved this and can totally relate with our new house - it will take time to create a finished home with its beautiful layers and life.

The front garden is around 80% completed with the retaining wall, brick edging, lawn and planting coming along. We still have a few garden beds to complete plus finish a few items off. Also need to get a quote for the second driveway sometime this year

Being summer in Melbourne and having to deal with clay soils here some of the plantings have struggled so I am leaving any further planting until April this year

Its funny as we often get people either walking past or stopping in their cars to tell us how much they love our house - it been lovely receiving so many complements

This is what we started with not long after we moved in back in mid October 2014

Looking very bare!

Start of the retaining wall - all hands on deck including our boys!

Big difference once finished 

Preparation for the lawn areas

Gotta love instant lawn - totally broke my back laying this but well worth it

Planting on driveway - these areas have no tripled in size since

Box hedging going in

Lawn looking so green!

And for a 'keeping it real' post this is the current state of our backyard!  Rather depressing and so over whelming but we have big plans for this space over the coming few years including a possible pool and weatherboard pool house in the same colours as the house down the bottom level. Some grass would be a fabulous start though as I am so sick of all the dust!

I have lots of plans for the house this year and have started to feel inspired again. Building this house was quite stressful at the best of times and last year was a crazy busy year for us so looking forward to a slower pace.  I have plans to finish the front garden, make a start on the back, decorate our entrance and our lounge room. 

Best way to follow and keep updated is through instagram - you can follow me here http://instagram.com/ourhamptonstyleforeverhome