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The Journey of building our forever home in Melbourne, Victoria

The Journey of building our forever home in Melbourne, Victoria

Laundry Love

I have to state for the record I actually despise doing laundry - could be the sheer amount we seem to have with a large family and it never ever ends!

When designing our laundry I knew I wanted the cabinets and hardware to match the kitchen so we used the exact same style and colours. Benches are a durable laminate in a similar pattern and colour as our kitchen stone. Although I would have preferred stone in this area in the whole scheme of things its a laundry and a workspace - its not really a room on show and laminate was much kinder to our ever growing budget!

One of the best things we did was install pull out laundry baskets within the cabinetry  - only thing I wish I did was install three instead of the two.

As the laundry has access to the garage I have found this room to be the dumping ground for most things like shoes, sports gear, hubby's tools etc so a big clean up was in order. A few hours later the space is a much prettier and organised space to work in ( I usually start the machine once everyone whines they have no undies!lol)
Pull out laundry baskets  -wish we installed three though!

These two watch my every move - Charlie & Millie

In other news  - our gorgeous garage doors are due to be installed on the garage tomorrow with our black barn lights in the next few weeks - will update you on the progress!

Build Update - Modern Farmhouse style garage

Its been all systems go on building our Modern Farmhouse style shed lately.  First we had the slab poured and then around 3 weeks later the shed build started.   
Slab ready to be poured
Concrete slab all ready

Frame starting to go up - looks huge and I was devastated that I lost some of my view!

Colourbond sheeting starts to go on
Weatherboard colourbond profile on front

Shed build Completed!

We are now just waiting on the garage doors to be installed and our gorgeous black barn lights that will hang above each door.  We are really happy with how the build and design turned out - I think it really complements the main house as we used the same colour scheme. At the side of the garage where the window and door is we are also planning on having an area paved with custom built seating/veggie planters and a fire pit

Colours used -

Colourbond roof - Shale Grey
Colourbond sheeting  - Dune
Garage doors - will be Surfmist
Barn Lights - gloss Black

Next up will be the driveway, painting of the fences, landscaping and more landscaping but finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel but hubby is now is man cave heaven!

Modern Farmhouse Garage - we have approval!

After around 7 months we finally had approval for our shed yesterday that will be built in our backyard.  Hopefully work should commence in the next 3-4 weeks and I will document our progress on how I turn a 12 x 8 metre colourbond shed into something a little more 'Modern Farmhouse style'

As this sheds faces towards the back of the house and will be seen from all the back windows  -  it was important to design this space in a way that complements the house. What hubby chooses to do inside it is completely up to him - as long as the outside looks pretty then I'm happy  :)

We have chosen colours similar to the main house and it will feature panelled garage doors with highlight windows and gorgeous barn style lights. The second driveway will then finally be levelled and a soft beige gravel will be used. Ladscaping can then be finally finished on this bottom section

Its been difficult to find inspiration on modern farmhouse style garages - the Americans do them so well but here in Australia its much harder to find suppliers to get this style while staying within budget.

Wish us luck - I think I have missed this design/build stage so looking forward to this project!

Below is just a rough example of our shed plan - doors will be a panelled door and the front of the shed will be clad with a product that is a steel but has a weatherboard look to it.

Down the track I am hoping to extend paving to the side ( near the side door) and have a fire pit, raised garden beds etc

Garage doors will be similar to these 
Black barn lights similar to these will be used