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The Journey of building our forever home

The Journey of building our forever home

What I love most about the Hamptons look

The Hamptons style is proving to be a popular style choice in Australia as it suits our relaxed way of living and climate.  If your renovating or planning a new build its a style that not only looks beautiful but is also lovely to live in.

Here are my five top things I love about the Hamptons look

1. Its a classic and timeless style that won't date

Incorporate timeless and classic elements in your design such as high ceilings, timber flooring, large windows with lots of natural light, shaker style cabinetry, weatherboard cladding, a soft colour palette, marble and stone as some of the key elements for the Hamptons look. For the interior the home should feature texture, soft colours, rugs, baskets, indoor plants, beautiful layered fabrics and blue and white china for that relaxed but stylish lifestyle.
Shaker style cabinetry and marble used as a splash back  - image Louise Treacy Photography

Open plan, large windows, timber flooring and a airy look are key elements to the Hamptons style

2. Country or coastal

 I love how the Hamptons look can be adapted to mix with either Modern country if you live closer to the mountains or coastal if your near the beach.  In the sunnier states of Australia you could add a pool and poolhouse for that relaxed beachy lifestyle vibe or in the colder states where we have four distinctive seasons add a stone fireplace for warmth.

Hamptons/Modern Country style using Scyon Linea Weatherboards

Stone fireplace with wood heater for warmth in the cooler states - image Louise Treacy Photography

Hamptons/Coastal style 

Just add a pool for a relaxed lifestyle in the warmer states

3. The Hampton exterior

 This is a design area that certainly shines with this look and is one of the most important elements when designing your new home. Hampton style homes have amazing street presence, you shouldn't be able to drive past without taking a second look.  Use weatherboard such as Scyon Linea to clad the exterior or incorporate it as a feature with render like we did with our own home.  Add timber windows and a beautiful large entrance door for interest. Ensure the exterior colour scheme is kept elegant using soft tones with contrast. Landscaping should be kept formal but interesting with a colour palette of green, greys and whites
Hamptons meets Modern Country  - image Louise Treacy Photography

Amity Dry's dream Hamptons home (photographed by Aaron Citti Photography)

4. The Hamptons look adapts to the Australian way of living

In Australia we are lucky to have a relaxed way of living and beautiful weather year round. The Hamptons look suits our climate and our easy way of living with features such as verandas, wide open spaces, lots of natural light and alfresco entertaining areas for those lovely summer nights.
Easy living, Hamptons style. Cladding by Scyon Walls

5. Its sophisticated but family friendly

This style definitely has the wow factor but also a sense of warmth and family friendliness.  Its classic natures lets the design stand the test of time while providing families with gorgeous entertaining spaces and easy living.

Family friendly kitchen and dining - image Louise Treacy Photography
A warm outdoor entertaining area (Amity Dry's home photographed by Aaron Citti Photography)

Love the Hamptons look? Find out more at www.scyon.com.au

All images via Pinterest unless otherwise noted


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