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The Journey of building our forever home

The Journey of building our forever home

Life Perspective

Its funny how sometimes your life suddenly gets thrown into perspective. Things that usually place such a hold on you and your time just don't seem to matter.

A few weeks ago during the Anzac day long weekend my hubby and 9 year old son Cooper were having a weekend away in Echuca horseriding our life suddenly did take a sharp turn for the worst.

Cooper had been riding his horse at full gallop when he was thrown off at high speed ( around 50km) and into a large tree.  An ambulance was called and he was taken to Echuca hospital.  Because of his possible spinal and neck injuries he was airlifted by helicopter to the Royal Children's Hospital back in Melbourne.  I can't even begin to tell you how it feels to see your baby lying on a hospital bed in emergency, staff all around him and screaming in pain - just awful and such a shock.

After a hospital stay of 5 days and finally being cleared of any spinal or neck injuries ( thank god!) Cooper is one very very lucky boy as his injuries could have been so much worse.  He ended up having a broken collarbone, 3 compression fractures to his back and quite alot of facial injuries one being something called 'degloving'  - where the inside of your bottom lip is pulled right down to the bone.  This required plastic surgery to bring everything back into place.  The team at the Royal Children's are just fantastic and like every other parent that goes through something like this we truly can't thank them enough

He is finally back at school this week and has made such an improvement - it amazes me how quickly children can heal. His injury to his collarbone will take a good 6-8 weeks to heal and no sports for at least 3 months ( especially horse riding)

Hubby and I are still recovering from the shock of it all I think -  Never want to experience anything like that again but with 3 boys you just never know.  It certainly puts life in perspective though  - as much as we love designing this house etc what we really want is a 'home' for our family more then ever.

The house has been moving along while we were busy the last few weeks and is now fully bricked up and moving quickly into lock up stage. Now that life is slowly getting back to normal I hope to have an update very soon

Cooper went from this just after the accident

To this just 2.5 weeks later - my happy boy ( with that naughty horse of his!)