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The Journey of building our forever home

The Journey of building our forever home


When we bought this block due to it's large size of over 2000 square metres ( or half an acre) we knew landscaping it would be a huge and most likely expensive job.  

We decided to hire a local landscaper just to plan a design that we could refer back on so we could then complete all sections at our own pace.  Really happy with how the plan turned out - the front of the house will be quite formal with retaining walls, ornamental pear trees, grasses, box hedges, camellias, gardenias etc while the back will be a little more free flowing with large grassed areas, hedging, vegie patch etc We are going to concentrate on completing the front first and then do our back garden in stages over the next few years

Some of my inspiration came from these images and this house has similar colours like ours 

Very similar colour scheme although our house will have black doors not the blue

Have plans to spray paint all of our fences in a dark colour - I love the contrast it bring with the greenery in front - will be a big job!

We will use a similar stacking retaining wall stone that runs across the front of the cut out

Had thoughts on a gate similar to above with a stone pillar on one side - this gate goes into our second driveway.  We may start with standard farm gates first ( will spray paint black for a quick facelift) until we can afford something more substantial 

Our landscape plan

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  1. Have had the loveliest afternoon reading your blog backwards from the start. Am loving your house and all your beautiful ideas. Glad to hear your son recovered from his horrific accident! Look forward to your next post. KL