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The Journey of building our forever home

The Journey of building our forever home

Dream House - Week 17

All the windows were fitted this week which was great and finally all the safety railings were taken down now that the roof has been completed.  The house was all wrapped up in bright blue ready for the brick layer next week. Photos are getting darker and darker  - by the time the tradies leave for the day the sun is almost gone - miss daylight savings thats for sure

I squealed with delight once these lounge windows were fitted today - they look amazing and really take on the view as they wrap around. Glass sliding doors still need to be fitted in the larger section.  Once outside build is completed house will be fully rendered and windows painted

Our beautiful lounge windows - there are five of them ( hmm note the massive mountain pile of top soil still in the backyard! Its actually twice as big as this image as our backyard has two levels so this pic only shows half of the mound - not sure what the hell we will do with all of that!)

We have chosen this beautiful french pattern travertine to clad our floor to ceiling fireplace that will house our wood heater in the lounge. We did first think about adding a gas fireplace but from experience there is nothing better and warmer then a real wood heater.  We also have gas ducted heating so this will just be put on weekends etc  I am dreaming of already spending a winter  Sunday cooking something yummy in the kitchen , fire going and taking in the view - I think I must be getting old!
Love, Love Love these windows  - one of my favourite things in the design so far. Chimney will be clad in the same french pattern travertine we have chosen for our fireplace

Studio windows - four massive windows facing south and east - will produce beautiful natural light.  This area has 10 foot ceilings - starting to worry slightly on how much window covering's will cost!

Our bright blue house  :)

Starting to look more and more like a house now - so exciting! We also designed the kitchen, bathrooms and all other cabinetry  - will update next week on a run down on what we chose

Dream House Weeks 15-16

Finally the roof has been completed and windows have started to go in  - starting to look more and more like a house now - so exciting!  Just after the Easter break we sit down with our cabinet maker and design the kitchen and bathrooms - really looking forward to that

Front elevation with roof completed - still needs front veranda added at a later stage
Back elevation - you can now see where our chimney sits - this will be clad in travertine stone. 
Looking from the second driveway - this is the studio side with studio entrance, office and the bigger bay window is the main bedroom. Loving all my windows that are starting to go in.    Round one will be leadlight and made by my dad ( hint hint hurry up dad!)  Will hyperventilate when the back ones go in - they will look amazing as they wrap around the whole section to take in the view.  House will be fully rendered with sections at the front clad in weatherboard. Feels strange to dream about this house for so long and now here she sits starting to come to life

Dream House Weeks 10-14

The weeks are just flying by now - an update on the construction of the house so far four months into the build.

The frame has now been fully completed which looks great. This house is built very old school with alot of care taken in the construction of the flooring and frame work - this house is solid as - doesn't move an inch!  This coming week the roof should be completed as it was held up due to the unpredictable nature of Melbourne weather.  Windows and doors should be going in and the brick layers starting back to brick the house as we head into lock up stage - exciting!

Kitchen area at back of house

Looking into the back area from the entrance

Frame almost completed here - veranda still needs to be built once brickwork is completed

Our windows and doors delivered - these are all timber with highlights - will be painted in white eventually as the build progresses

Guttering and Fascia starting at the back - Shale grey guttering and surfmist fascia

The roof starts to go on - colour we chose is Shale Grey by Colourbond
The inspiration to our colour scheme - hoping our house looks just as elegant when finished