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The Journey of building our forever home

The Journey of building our forever home

Our Chicken Penthouse

When my husband and I were little we both grew up on land and had some chickens.  I absolutely loved checking the eggs everyday and because we had a rooster also seeing the hens get clucky and have babies - it was just the best and some of my most fondest childhood memories.

For the past couple of years we both dreamed of having a sweet little chicken house with a few hens. We finally decided just to go for it and couldn't be happier!  Choosing a chicken coop that would match the exterior and feel of our home was important as from the house we look straight into the backyard - no daggy tin shed like I used to have as a child would do unfortunately!

We ended up purchasing the Penthouse from Backyard Chickens.  It's delivered in boxes and all the pieces are numbered so hubby and I spent quite a few weeks painting it all in classic black and white for a classic Hampton style vibe. As we also have two little doggies who would probably think these hens are dinner so hubby also built a matching fence run around the coop with a gate to keep them safe.

The Penthouse from Backyard Chickens - grass is very yellow due to winter  :)

Initially we planned just to get a couple of Isa Browns from a local market but we decided to get four Hy line Browns from Talking Hens. This bread is a great egg layer ( up to 360 eggs per year) and are some of the friendliest and sweet chicken breeds.

We drove out to Red Hill and picked up our girls who we named Matilda, Amelia, Coco and Annabelle. They each have a different coloured ring on their leg so we know who they are.  We can pick them up and they are so gorgeous!  Within 2 weeks all girls have been laying an egg each! I can't even begin to tell you what a difference it makes having fresh farm eggs. I've always bought free range eggs from the supermarket but our eggs have been amazing  - bright orange and so fresh!

Amelia, Matilda and Coco - not sure where Annabelle was when this pic was taken! These feeders from Dine a Chook are just the best - so easy to use, no mess and the girls love them!

Here are some links on where we purchased everything

The Penthouse   https://www.backyardchickencoops.com.au

Chickens https://talkinghens.com.au

Feeders https://www.dineachook.com.au

Feed https://talkinghens.com.au/about-our-feed/

Photography  www.louisetreacyphotography.com.au