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The Journey of building our forever home

The Journey of building our forever home

Land of Limbo

This building process is so frustrating and we still are yet to begin.  Being late October I would have thought things would have at least started but yet again we are stuck in limbo land

Building a custom home it seems like there is always so much research and running around to do.  Months ago we chose our kitchen appliances and items like our bathroom selections but will now have to go over everything again.  I am all for trying to source a similar product or option to get the same look but this all takes so much time -  feels like this house will never start at this point. This coming week we will sit down with both builders and try to work things out and choose which company we will work with

Feeling rather stressed we just came back from a beautiful few days in Daylesford ( we should have been on our 10 day road trip with our caravan until my husbands car transmission broke halfway through - but that's a another long and expensive story!) Trying to make the most of it I hired the most wonderful cottage called The Garden House. I have stayed in Daylesford many times and really love the area - its so beautiful and relaxing.  This house was just what we all needed - its was just gorgeous with stunning gardens, beautiful rooms and just a lovely feel that made you want to run away and live a simple life in the country! Even the boys kept saying how much it felt like home - poor babies are missing having a place to call our own too.

After staying here we also decided on a few changes - we have decided to use real floorboards as opposed to engineered ( feels so much nicer to walk on), have changed our gas fireplace to a wood one - nothing beats the cosy feeling of a wood fire, and we were really inspired by the beautiful garden. More and more this house is becoming more modern country with classic details - its just where our heart lies - lets just hope it starts to eventuate soon!

Here are a few beautiful images