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The Journey of building our forever home

The Journey of building our forever home

Good things are worth waiting for

" Good things are worth waiting for" as the saying goes and definitely seems to apply to our new house build lately.  We now own the block from the funds of our previous home, have full planning approval and our full set of working drawings but not much else is happening. The plans are currently sitting with our builder and are being quoted so we hope to have some sort of news or a starting date in the next few weeks.  Its all been rather drawn out and a little frustrating but I am sure things will hopefully start moving and progressing again soon

One thing I have been working on is choosing the colour and finishes for the exterior.  Working with a colour consultant has been brilliant as our house has quite a few elements. I love seeing this part coming together  - it really brings forward all the ideas that I have had and you can start to see the style and look of the house - fingers crossed its going to look beautiful

So far we have chosen :

Colourbond Shale Grey for Roof and Gutters

Surfmist for Facia, Verandah Posts, weatherboard detailing around windows  and garage door. All windows will be painted white so they stand out.  Window dressings will be white plantation shutters

Black Cavier for Front door and Studio entrance

Cashmere for Render - this is choice number 1 but we are still deciding on whether it will be too light as once in the sun it can be up to 3-4 shades lighter

Mangaweka for Render - possible choice number 2

Our house also has 2 retaining walls along each side of driveways ( we have 2 drives) and veranda base brick work for a solid feel so considering adding some beautiful sandstone  - I think this will add texture and will tie in well

My inspiration for the colour scheme

These are the lights I have chosen for the front elevation

We will source similar gates in white for our second drive - these gates are set back just past the studio entrance and we will have lillydale topping side drive all the way to the back of the block where hubby's second garage will be

Possible design idea for hubby's second garage - I still want it to look part of the house as opposed to some ugly tin shed.  This will house our caravan and god knows what else boys place in sheds. Apparently this garage gets bigger and bigger everytime we discuss it - what is it with men and their sheds!