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The Journey of building our forever home

The Journey of building our forever home

One Year On

Ive been meaning to write this post for a few months now but life just seems to get in the way!  On October 17th, 2015 we celebrated one year in our new home. I can't believe its been 12 months since we moved into this beautiful home - time has just flown. We are loving living here and its been really lovely to see how far we have come in 12 months time  - its now starting to really look like a home.

We still have alot of landscaping out the back to complete and our deck area and lounge room still needs redecorating which we are currently working on now ( hope to share our plans with you soon!) but its nice to still have some projects on the go - life would be rather boring if you moved in and everything was perfect.

You always feel like you are never getting to where you want to go but sometimes you just need to take a little look back to see how far you have really gone

Lets have a little look back on our building journey in images

Our block just before building started in 2013

The house in planning stage

I remember we were so excited when work started!
Concrete footings taking shape
Sub floor

Starting to take shape during frame stage
Roof went on

Back of house

Bricked up and weatherboard details in

First coat of render and front verandah going in

Inside boards are laid and our gorgeous kitchen goes in
Fire place goes in ( note hubbys fire already testing it out!)
Front door gets installed
All rendered, painted, garage installed, driveway in

Entrance almost finished

The day we moved in!

And now as she stands today - what a difference! We still have alot of landscaping in the back but do have plans for a large barn type shed and maybe a pool and weatherboard pool house. Its a 5 year plan in the backyard as 1/2 an acre is a huge and expensive job!

My photography studio which is located on the left hand side of the house is a dream to work in - my business has been so busy since opening last year!  Its such a beautiful space to work in everyday

Garden taking shape in its second Spring

Back top level finally has lawn! Just one more garden bed under windows to complete

Outdoor deck area now needs a good clean, restain and some decorating and should be beautiful this summer!

We also just recently added to our family with Miss Millie - a little playmate to our other King Charles Cavalier, Charlie- isn't she just the sweetest!  And I am so happy to have another girl in this house as we are rather outnumbered  :)