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The Journey of building our forever home

The Journey of building our forever home

Modern Hamptons | House of the Week

This gorgeous home is a mix of Modern Hamptons with a slight boho feel.  Owned by a builder and a interior design student this home was destined to be amazing!

Who lives here 

Heather; an interior design student, hubby Aaron; a builder and their three children Stella, Ami and Ace.

Style of home and location 

A modern Hamptons home with a slight boho feel, located in Regentville at the foot of the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia

Timeline of build 

We designed the floorplan and façade ourselves so that took about 6 months whilst we were waiting for settlement of the land. Fortunately we designed it to be a complying development which meant the approval process only took 2 weeks. Construction started in September 2015 and we moved in late May 2016.

Bar stools - Freedom Furniture  Stone - Caesarstone London Grey Cabintry INZ Kitchens

Tell us a little about your build journey

We purchased the land from a friend who had a home across two titles. Since we had to wait awhile for the development approval and the existing home to be knocked down before settlement of the land, we had plenty of time to plan. Not only did we design the floorplan and façade, all interior selections were made in this time which meant few changes during the build process. In the past 10 years we have renovated and built over 10 properties, most of which we have lived in which made designing the home a lot easier. We were able to take our previous successes and failures into account and design a home that suited our young family and lifestyle. Aaron is part owner of a home building company so we were able to rely on the companies existing systems and processes to ensure a smooth hassle free build.

 Feature wall – Taubmans Black Jack   Horse artwork - Hamptons at home  
Wall Hanging Babara's Store

Lounge, coffee table and side tales - Freedom Furniture  Rug - Nick Scalli  Fiddle Leaf  - Adairs 
Decorative Wall Crosses - Eclectik Blonde 

What do you love about the Hamptons/contemporary style and where did you find your inspiration for your beautiful home?

We love homes that have a welcoming relaxed feel the moment you walk in the door and we felt a contemporary Hamptons style home would achieve that. We also spent many years trying to keep up with current trends only to be disappointed because we didn’t really love them. This was the first time we were really true to ourselves and picked a style we loved. We took our inspiration from the northern beaches of Sydney, where we lived and worked early in our marriage and also in our local area which is filled with quaint cottage clad homes.

Did you enjoy the process of building and designing your home? Any hiccups along the way or things you would do differently?

It was really exciting. We love every stage from designing and planning to the actual build and seeing our vision become a reality.  The 6 month planning stage was probably the toughest but most valuable. So much time spent getting every little decision right can be exhausting but ultimately leads to a shorter build time. Other than rain there were no real hiccups but it does happen from time to time and we have just learnt to roll with it, Aaron always says the perfect home has never been built.

Favourite room in your home?

Master Bedroom. We love that it is so moody. I was very hesitant to paint every wall such a dark colour but Aaron really encouraged me since the room was so large and is west facing and I don’t regret it at all. In terms of styling it was probably the least planned out room, but I love the colour scheme of the linen, eucalyptus and dusty pink against the navy wall with the warm from the pendants and bedside tables.

Pendants - Milly and Eugene  Bedding - Adairs Vintage Washed Linen

Wall Colour - Taubmans Black Jack

Is this your forever home or do you have plans for the future?

Just as we reached the finish line with this build our dream block of land became available but this build took a lot out of us both and we let it go for the sake of our family and our sanity. We had planned to live here for 3 – 5 years, but about a year after we completed the home our dream block of land became available again and it was too good an opportunity to miss this time around. We have commenced building that and it should be ready later this year.


Instagram account    @oakandorange

Builder                       www.betterbuilthomes.com.au

Enquiries relating to any items used in the house that aren't tagged please contact Heather over on her Instagram @oakandorange

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