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The Journey of building our forever home

The Journey of building our forever home

Dream House Weeks 15-16

Finally the roof has been completed and windows have started to go in  - starting to look more and more like a house now - so exciting!  Just after the Easter break we sit down with our cabinet maker and design the kitchen and bathrooms - really looking forward to that

Front elevation with roof completed - still needs front veranda added at a later stage
Back elevation - you can now see where our chimney sits - this will be clad in travertine stone. 
Looking from the second driveway - this is the studio side with studio entrance, office and the bigger bay window is the main bedroom. Loving all my windows that are starting to go in.    Round one will be leadlight and made by my dad ( hint hint hurry up dad!)  Will hyperventilate when the back ones go in - they will look amazing as they wrap around the whole section to take in the view.  House will be fully rendered with sections at the front clad in weatherboard. Feels strange to dream about this house for so long and now here she sits starting to come to life

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