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The Journey of building our forever home

The Journey of building our forever home

We finally have Estate Approval!

After many months back and forth and changes galore and not to mention the extra expense we finally have estate planning approval of our house plans. Its a big relief and means we now can get our full working drawings and start building.

 Its perfect timing actually as we just moved over the weekend into our rental house  (which was completely exhausting to say the least) and our previous home is scheduled for settlement on Friday.We are renting a slightly smaller home on a tiny block in the same area but it has a great feel about it and we are loving downsizing for the moment! We were so happy once we moved in we did think for a moment of taking a break, having a holiday and start building next year!  Looks like at this stage we will start in October ( I am thinking we could squeeze in a quick holiday as I serioulsy need it!)  - very exciting and its hard to believe we are almost ready

A few images from our little rental  :)

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