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The Journey of building our forever home

The Journey of building our forever home

Dream House - Weeks 34-37

Lots has been happening and its nearing that stressful stage now with so much organising and sourcing items to get everything finished. As Luke is doing all the plumbing he has been flat out every night after work-  I don't think we have hardly had dinner together for a few weeks now the poor thing

Plastering, tiling and painting of internal walls have been finished. Plumbing and electrical fit off almost done.  Everything is coming to together and looking great - even the trades are commenting on how great it all looks which has been nice.

Currently the floors are being polished and we have the excavators out the back doing the second drive and getting the backyard ready for landscaping - we have a huge backyard as we are on 1/2 an acre so lots to do! We have also built a piller for our second drive so now just trying to find stone cladding and a beautiful gate.

Here are some images taken over the last few weeks of the build just taken with my trusty iPhone

My gorgeous front door was installed - will be painted black with the frame white
This was the entrance light I decided on from Beacon Lighting.

Changed my mind and purchased this bigger one from Schots instead. Because of the high ceilings I think this bigger light will work better. Of course they had none in stock so waiting patiently for it to arrive
I may have almost died as my lights were installed  - love them.  Have left them without shades until things are more completed so we don't have any issues with breakages etc  Marble splashback should go in soon too. So happy with our kitchen - its come together just as I had imagined

Our beautiful leadlight window was installed in our ensuite bathroom

Our massive rain shower head in our ensuite - its is huge!

The sheer size of our house from the back still surprises me!  This also shows the before shot of our backyard

Looking cleaner after being excavated

A few weeks ago we purchased this beautiful cast iron urn from Castlemaine - this will go in our front garden as part of the landscaping.  It is so heavy - Luke and I had a lot of fun trying to get it home in his Jeep!

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  1. LOVE, love, love your house pics! It is going to be a stunning home! I've bought two of the Hampton lights from Beacon for my dining area...I couldn't find anything bigger under $1000 each. The Scholts ones look great! Looking forward to seeing more kitchen images; it looks like perfection!