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The Journey of building our forever home

The Journey of building our forever home

Bathroom Ideas

Its been a stressful few weeks with the house ( already!) As we are under strict guidelines in this estate we had a few problems getting our design approved. Because this estate is around 10 years old and all homes have been built ( apart from our last remaining half acre block) the appointed architect by the developer that approves all design no longer worked on this estate. It was looking like a case of no one wanting to know about it - the council, the developer, the past architect  - we started to wonder what we had bought!  I gave this job to my capable hubby as I felt like I was getting no where and he finally got a result for us last week and plans are being approved as we speak! Phew!

As that is being finalised we need to get back to choosing everything so once working drawings are completed our builder can give us a quote and form the contracts. I am hoping that we can start by September as we move out of our current home mid August. 

Bathrooms are next on my list - we have 3 bathrooms - main, ensuite and studio bathroom plus a powder room. Hubby is a plumber so you would think we would have a good idea of what we liked but to the honest the bathrooms have been the one space I haven't got many ideas for!  Next week we are planning a big day at Reeces to choose everything - wish me luck! I should be more excited considering hubby will be able to purchase everything at trade prices plus we don't have the added cost of a plumber so I can afford to choose items that probably wouldn't have been in the budget but the whole process is rather overwhelming.  Last week I popped in and just choosing a toilet did my head in - there are so many to choose from!

I do want the bathrooms to be quite understated and classic though and I have been drawn to these types of images with clean lines.  So much more modern then I thought I would do but I think if I choose soft colours for the tiled areas and also use the same marble as a small splashback to tie in the kitchen plus some beautiful wall lights it should all go well together

Definitely want large mirrored shaving cabinets in our ensuite this time - will be so great to store toiletries etc

These final two are probably more of what I am thinking for our ensuite - clean lines, simple floating cabinetry, mirrored shaving cabinets and marble splashback.  Floor tiles would be a lighter colour though and not so dark and modern. A few wall lights would look lovely too in a hampton style

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  1. Lovely choices.
    I really like the woodwork cabinetry in the 3rd photo.
    Adds a different point of interest.

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