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The Journey of building our forever home

The Journey of building our forever home

Exterior Colour choices

Part of our planning approval with the design architect  involves stating exactly what colours we are planning to use on the house aswell as a complete landscape plan. They also need to know driveway choice, paths, gates etc I wasn't exactly expecting this so I am a little stuck!  I was thinking that when the time came I would break out a few sample pots when the house is already up and ready for painting and do it that way. Choosing a complete colour scheme at this stage seems rather hard! Hubby and I drove all around looking for some inspiration for roof colours  which I think we have decided on but the rest is a big question mark.  Our house is so long and the paintwork will be such a feature as it has not only render but also weatherboard feature details  so I have decided to hire a colour consultant to get it right. I do know we want the roof in Colourbond Windspray and the rest of the colour scheme in soft tones but with some contrast.   If anyone has found a beautiful image or has any recommendations for a great colour please let me know - any help much appreciated

Right now everything seems to have slowed pace with the house plans with both the planning architect and our architect on holidays for 2 weeks ( how dare they!lol) .  Starting to feel the pressure with only 6 weeks until we move into our rental  - I really wanted to be in a position to get started by September but by the time everything gets approved, working drawings are done, quotes and contracts made let alone the time it will take the council to give us a planning permit I will be surprised if we even start this year! Fingers crossed things start moving again for us soon

Would love a gloosy black front door!

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