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The Journey of building our forever home

The Journey of building our forever home

Bathroom Fixtures & Fittings

We spent quite a few hours last Friday at Reeces trying to choose our bathroom tapware and fixtures.  We had to bring along the three boys as it school holidays - they were great actually for the entire time and just sat in a corner with their various hand held gadgets ( thank god for those!) We really didn't take too much notice on the actual pricing and just went with what we liked - of course now this means another trip to Reeces today to try and shave off a little and get the budget back on track! The house does have a large ensuite with double vanity and basins, main bathroom with double vanity and freestanding bath, powder room and then another main bathroom in the studio. Not to mention sinks for the kitchen, laundry, butlers pantry and tapware for all three areas too.   Even though hubby is a plumber and receives everything at trade prices bathroom fixtures are super expensive and this still doesn't include the vanities which will have to be custom made and all the shower screens! We did go lux on a gorgeous rainhead shower for our ensuite and a very expensive tap for the kitchen ( after ensuring my builder that no I would never spend that much on a kitchen tap - sorry!!) 

Off the the Home Show tomorrow in Melbourne with hubby ( child free this time) - hopefully we may get a few more ideas
Nicolazzi Kitchen Tap - may also look at the Perrin & Rowe ones too as they seem to be very similar

My inspiration for our ensuite

These are our basins for both ensuite and main bathrooms -  they will sit in the vanity - we choose everything that had a slight curve to lessen the hard lines
Freestanding bath for boys bathroom - looking forward to soaking in this!

Tapware for basins - once again rounded edges but still modern. Going to try and find a cheaper alternative today as these were quite expensive and we need 6 of them

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