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The Journey of building our forever home in Melbourne, Victoria

The Journey of building our forever home in Melbourne, Victoria

Slowly, Slowly, Slowly

Our house plans seem to have come to a rather annoying standstill  - still waiting on the preliminary working drawings so we can then submit them to the designer for estate approval. We also have to get a 6 star energy rating and structural engineering report - money is just flying out the window at this planning stage with all these extra paperwork requirements you need when building a custom home!

 With only 3 short weeks until we move and 4 until our house settles we were really hoping we might be closer to making a start. Hoping we might see something on paper this week but by my calculations it could still be a good 3-4 months before anything happens - fingers crossed I am wrong!

I have starting packing - but very slowly with a box here and there - it just feels very overwhelming so I tend to ignore it which is terrible. Perhaps I will find the stamina and get stuck into it a week before - I tend to work better under pressure so I think that's what will happen! The home we have now is around 40 squares with  4 bedrooms, study and 3 large living areas whereas our rental while we build is only 3 bedrooms, study and 2 much smaller living areas ( one which will be my photography studio) plus the backyard is the size of a courtyard - will be an interesting move trying to fit everything in!

Next week I catch up with our colour consultant to choose the final colours for the house. I was leaning towards a grey and white house but now I am thinking of something in beautiful soft tones like this image below but perhaps something with a little more contrast - hoping to have a better idea next week

Our house will be similar with weatherboard detailing, rendered facade and thick square posts on verandah

The start of the many many boxes I wil have to pack - these would you believe are just my house magazines! ( and I threw so many out!lol)

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