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The Journey of building our forever home

The Journey of building our forever home

Weeks 2-6 - Dream House

Hmm - well not much happened the last four weeks on the house. Hubby completed all the drainage and underground plumbing over the Australia Day long weekend  - worked like a crazy person to get it all done as he works elsewhere full time as a supervisor - did a fabulous job!  ( although admittedly all his hard work was covered with dirt so hard to see what he had done!)

Already dreaming of finally being in our house - our rental has just a small courtyard and with 3 energetic boys and 40 degree temperatures I am going slightly mad - can't even tell them to head outside and play with the hose or water guns etc like they used to do all the time! The courtyard is also slowing being filled with all the stuff that spills out of our garage so has also become our storage area.  I also really miss having a garden - I will have plenty do though soon though with landscaping a 2000 square metre block.

Next week should see the completion of the sub floor and they will then move onto the frame stage - can't wait to take a walk through the house!

Sub floor with steel work starting to come together
Garage taking shape - this part will have a slab pour - a rather huge one too coming up to the doorway you can see!

My little site inspector Jack  :)

The concrete footings you see in this image above will be our verandah

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