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The Journey of building our forever home

The Journey of building our forever home

A Grand Hamptons | House of the Week

This weeks home tour is a grand Hampton style home located in Sydney.  Oozing sophistication with high end finishes and beautiful family and entertaining spaces.

Who lives here 

George (project manager), Mersina (lawyer), children Erin & Amanda and Bella (the kitten “aka” destroyer of new lounge!)

Style of home and location 

Hampton's inspired home in the South of Sydney 

Timeline of build 

Labour of love….2 years in planning with a 19 month build. 

Tell us a little about your build journey

My husband did the build as “owner builder”. it was a very detailed build with lots of intricacies. For example the panel throughout the house was measured, cut and placed piece by piece. 

We had an amazing foreman “Rory” and a knock out designer “Zoe @ ZC Artique”. 

What do you love about the Hampton's style and where did you find your inspiration for your beautiful home?

We love the character and warmth that comes from Hampton's designed homes. It’s timeless and always feels lived in. The inspiration grew on us over time. We were both modern minimalists but found that we wanted a home that wasn’t just for display. There were lots of ideas we took from but mostly from pictures in the US. 

Did you enjoy the process of building and designing your home? Any hiccups along the way or things you would do differently?

The process was relatively seamless. We had hiccups along the way but dealt with them one by one…..we even managed to get away to Europe for 4 weeks in the middle of the build and before lock up. 

I’m not sure I do too much differently. Maybe have gone through council to obtain more height as opposed to a complying development…..that’s about it though. 

Favourite room in your home?

That’s a touch one……I’m not sure I have one. Over the 2 years we’ve been in I’ve learned to love most of the space. 

Is this your forever home or any plans for the future?

Nothing is forever….Home is were my husband and children are. If we move, we’d just build another one. 


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